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VIP-AIR – Stylish ATV Windshields


There are many choices on the market for ATV windshields. You can go OEM if you like the styles offered by the quad manufacturer. For me, I wasn’t too impressed with the look of the OEM CFMOTO windshields, and for the price, I didn’t feel I was getting the most for…

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Trail Systems – Alberta


As I have discovered there is a remarkable trails system all around the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. My goal with this post is to map the trails I have ridden and add them to this post. This will also include any trails I have experienced elsewhere in Alberta such as…

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Stay Warm with the HEAT-DEMON


Well, winter is here in Northern Alberta, bringing with it sub-zero temperatures in excess of -30 degrees. Riding in these conditions made me quickly realize that hand and thumb warmers are not a luxury but a necessity. I spent some time researching online and there are sooo many…

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New Canadian Drone Laws and How to get your License


Transport Canada has certainly stepped up their laws surrounding drone usage in Canada. Announced in January of 2019, drone users must register their drone and obtain a drone pilot certificate in one of two categories: 1) Basic Operation or 2) Advanced Operation. Also, if you choose to be an Advanced…

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