Stay Warm with the HEAT-DEMON

BEAT the Cold

Rely on the HEAT-DEMON


Well, winter is here in Northern Alberta, bringing with it sub-zero temperatures in excess of -30 degrees. Riding in these conditions made me quickly realize that hand and thumb warmers are not a luxury but a necessity. I spent some time researching online and there are sooo many options, but one name seemed to appear at the top of all review list – HEAT-DEMON by Symtec. They have a few different kit options but I decided to go with the following two kits for a complete solution:

Heated Grips 176001

  • Fits on 7/8" Handlebars
  • Low 4amp power consumption
  • HI/LOW/OFF flush mounted toggle switch
  • Feel the heat in less than a minute
  • Simple clamp-on installation

Thumb Warmer 176519

  • Fits any throttle
  • 3M Adhesive element - Peal and Stick
  • Shrink Tube to cover the element
  • HI/LOW/OFF flush mounted toggle switch
  • Feel the heat in less than a minute

They’re UV stabilized to resist fading. Industrial-grade wiring ensures it can withstand the coldest temperature without cracking or short-circuiting.

Products are designed and assembled in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Quality

  • Reliable

  • Performance

About Symtec

Symtec is the innovation leader in OEM heated accessories, producing heated grips, steering wheels and seats for more than 25 years for the powersports, marine and agriculture industries. Symtec’s products are designed and built to withstand the most extreme conditions while offering drivers a more comfortable experience.


Instead of using two switches, I just used the one and wired both the hand grips and thumb warmer together. My quad has a 12V outlet located close to where I mounted the switch so I tapped into both the positive (+) and ground (-) running to that outlet. Installation was clean and simple.

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