Thermostat Controlled Electrical Outlet

How to Wire a Thermostat Controlled Power Outlet


So, I had an electric fireplace insert in my basement as an additional heat source in the winter months. The insert is not temperature controlled, simply ON/OFF and HIGH/LOW. When my family would come downstairs it was a couple degrees colder than the upper floors so we would turn on this fireplace. It wouldn't take long before it was too warm and so the cycle starts of manually turning off and on this fireplace.

I looked at some plugin thermostat controllers on Amazon that were up in the $40 range and didn't have great reviews, so I decided to add a receptacle and a line voltage thermostat to control power to this outlet. This way I could set the temperature to a comfortable level and leave the fireplace on to maintain a consistent temperature in the basement to match the rest of the house.

Materials - $32.26

Wiring Diagram



This is a very simple project providing you have some base knowledge of electrical power distribution.
Be sure to turn off power to the outlet before conducting any work.

Use this information at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for damages caused as result of DIY projects.

Be Safe - If your not sure, call a professional!

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